Early Childhood Physical Development


The first three years in life are characterized for all the changes in the children’s physical abilities.  How can we help support the physical development in children?

Infants:  during this time, babies need Tummy Time to develop chest & arm strength.  How can parents and caregivers can help babies develop chest and arm strength?  By providing babies with adequate tummy time and by placing interesting toys within arm’s reach of the child.

Toddlers: get ready to move with those toddlers!  Toddlers are filled with energy and always on the go.  Caregivers and parents can help children develop those big muscles by providing lots of opportunities for toddlers to move freely.  Taking toddlers to the park walk in different terrains can help them develop those strong legs.

Middle Childhood: Children at this age are very independent when it comes to their physical movement, coordination and stability continue to improve with time.  During this time, must children have mastered their fine motor skills.  Children are able to hold a pencil and draw simple shapes and letters.  Also, children are able to jump, skip and run with ease.

Early Adolescence:  During these period, children’s bodies go through many physical changes.  Such as growth spurts, for some parents it seems like their children grew over night; this is not far from reality.  So what can cause these overnight growth spurts?  They can depend on genetics and nutrition.  Children that are malnourished might not experience the growth spurts as a child that has proper nutrition.








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