Biological Beginnings


Every baby that is conceived is given a set of genetic instructions that determines their characteristics as well as physical features that they take with them through birth and as they develop. Many of these characteristics are determined by genetics, which is also called canalization. Factors that are not canalized are those that are experienced and learned. Although genetics reign supreme in a child’s development, characteristics may be altered and enhanced by environmental factors that include schooling, the neighborhood in which the child lives, social interactions, and physical experiences.

Below, you will be able to see the three trimesters a woman and the unborn baby goes through during pregnancy.

First, Second, and Third Trimester

First Trimester:
• First three months of pregnancy.
• During the first two months, the egg gradually transforms into an embryo.
• The third month begins the fetal period. The vocal chords appear and the digestive system and kidneys start to show signs of activity.


Second Trimester:
• The fourth through the sixth month of pregnancy.
• At five months skin structures and the fetus becomes lean and wrinkled.
• During the sixth month, eyelids open and eyes are completely formed.

Third Trimester:
• The uterus is carrying the baby by now, including the placenta and amniotic fluid.
• During the last two months, the fetal heart rate becomes rapid.

This video will show you the amazing process of the fetus growing in the womb


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